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Some believe that engraving was chosen as job from GHajar dynasty (200 years ago) . Some other date it back to Safavi dynasty (400 years ago ) . But the old cultural heritage of Iran shows that it roots back to history far ago.

 What is engraving
Engraving is the process of creating 2 or 3 dimensional shap on the surface of metal . The fist stage is to prepare the designes. Then it is transfered on the base metal


How and from where the design is prepared? Some engraving choose the available ready made designs and copy them. A small number of engravers they themselves draw the designs,, either by pen on the paper or directly on the surface of the base metal which is a very difficult job. The source of  inspiration for the artists has been the historical monuments ; As Esfahan itself is a living museum . too many mosques ,caravanserais palaces , religious schools , bridges , bazaars,… with their public and private decorations including geometrical , arabesque and endless types of writings.

How an artist prepare his own design in his mind ? Maybe this question is better to be answered by a non-native.

Professor Arthur pope an American areheologist who spent a life time in Iran and through his will he was buried in Esfahan near khajo bridge says money can not creates such master piece; heavenly inspiration has helped artists to make such wonders in Esfahan. Many of the past and present artists have had close spiritual relationship with lord .At the time of designing they make ablution they read Koran and religious texts so that they become unaware of their surroundings . A real artist is a lover,he lives in love, he is faithful , pious . love to lord , the prophet (Mohammad ) and prophets relatives is guid line for him to prosperity. The music of hammering on metal in engraving must be mixed with spirituality and love to lord . the separation of these items leads to unperfect art.



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