Engravings and Handicraft

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If you ask a lover this question that how he expresses his feeling to his beloved,with great possibility he can not answer this question through words,but he can show it in practice . If you ask an artist how he expresses his love to lord,He might not tell it by words,insted he prays,He fasts he stays a wake atmidnights and meditates . all these become source of inspiration for him to materialize his love. Then like a spring,new ideas and designs flow down his mind on a piece of paper and then on metal as engraving or panting canvas.
Biography of the Artist ,Mr Boo Ali
Mohammad Ali Shir Kosh know as Boo Ali the engraver was born in 1923 in Esfahan. He started to learn engraving from his uncle at the age of 9 and he became a master of engraving at the age of 15 .from 1938 up to 1965 he was active in this field . he has kept the hanicrafts he has made.since 2001,Mr Boo Ali has started to draw traditional designs with pens on paper (A4) which are in style unique
Historical monuments are the source of inspiration for him.

Classy Art Certificate

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